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Engage & Redirect your Visitors

Pro-actively engage your web visitors. Gather live data on exactly what they are looking for and grab their contact details.

Redirect them to the correct landing page within three clicks, whilst learning more about your customer.

Send Targeted Messages & Create Lists

Once you have their contact details, and know their interests, automatically send them targeted emails.

Gather customer data, create email lists, automated campaigns, chaser reminders and many other 3rd party integrations.

A/B Test & Optimise Conversion

Create unlimited variations of the LeadGeneratorâ„¢, adding unique shortcodes to any page. Customize each CSS to design new templates.

Use Google Optimize to A/B test your forms and achieve optimal conversion rates.

Case Study

The LeadGeneratorâ„¢ has been running as a WordPress plugin on the Homepage of Global Nomadic for 9 months. During the period of March to November 2018, the LeadGeneratorâ„¢ has;

  • – Generated 25% more leads and triggered automated sales emails
  • – Increased Page Views by 20%
  • – Increased Session Duration by 15%
  • – Reduced Homepage Bounce Rate by 15%
  • – Increased Goal Conversions (filling out an application form) by 22%
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Read what some happy customers have to say.

I use LeadGenerator for my client sites and the results have been fantastic. Not only is the plugin easy to set up and customise, but the clients are delighted too because immediately after installing they see leads coming in. I use it for clients that need to segregate traffic and deliver custom content and solutions (in exchange for an email of course!). Amazing plugin and I can't believe it didn't exist before.
I recommend LeadGenerator to my clients, as it has brought sure-fire results. It is a fantastic way to pro-actively engage an audience in a highly targeted and effective way. It automatically delivers customised messaging to the user, whilst giving me targeted marketing data, which has proven more effective for sales conversion.
After founding Global Nomadic in 2009, I developed the LeadGenerator Plugin initially for my own e-commerce site, in order to better engage my visitors, pro-actively market to them and convert them into bookings. The plugin has been live on our Homepage for 9 months and we have seen extraordinary results. 20% more completed applications and 22% increase in Page Views. This is the best investment that I have made into our Marketing.


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